Linda Thurston

I have been a resident of Riverwood since 2007 and a Project Detect Board Member since 2010 having served in various capacities and at present, President of the Board. I became involved with Project Detect because I strongly believe in its mission to help needy Charlotte County residents receive life saving cancer screenings.

Betsy Bonde​

I have been on the Board of Directors for four years.  I am a breast cancer survivor because I had an early detection cancer screening.  Project Detect's mission to provide cancer screenings to those who cannot afford such screenings is why I believe so strongly in what we do with the help and support of our community.


Suzanne Gordon

Having worked with Project Detect for several years, I am proud to be a part of this dedicated group. Although, I no longer live in Riverwood, I have continued to serve on the Project Detect board as a member of the Technical Committee and assist with fund raisers. Project Detect means so much to me and the many people it supports.


Ann Christine Cea

I am retired from private practice as a Diagnostic Radiologist and Radiation Oncologist with strong beliefs in early detection of cancer as the best outcome for cure.  I have been a member of Project Detect since its inception as a 501(c)(3) and I find working with the other board members and devoted volunteers of Project Detect a rewarding benefit to help those who are unable to afford screening evaluations.

Jibby Marshall

I have been a resident of Riverwood since 1994.  I have served on the Project Committee Board for two years and it was an honor to be asked to serve this worthy cause.  I believe in Project Detect’s dedication to detecting cancer and ultimately finding a cure.  It is a pleasure to be a part of the Riverwood Community.

Rita Anderson

When I retired in 2006, I moved to Riverwood full time. During my life, I was in a position to seek the services of medical professionals for any health issues, including early detection screening. I joined the Project Detect board several years ago as I was very motivated to help others who are less fortunate. 

I have served on numerous committees and am currently the Treasurer of Project Detect and the chairman of The Neighborhood Giving Campaign.


Nan Singley

 I am so honored to be a part of this dynamic team of Project Detect board members, serving on the communication committee.  In 2014 we moved from Texas and a brief stay in Costa Rica before settling in Riverwood.  I know the importance of early cancer screening. My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and due to early detection, he is a cancer survivor.

Nancy Tiernan

I have been a Board Member since 2012, when Project Detect became a 501(c)3.  Having a close family member diagnosed with cancer, who survived due to early detection, made me think of others facing a similar situation who might be unable to afford this testing for themselves or their loved ones.  Being active in Project Detect gives me the opportunity to help raise money to make life-saving early-detection cancer screenings available to those in need in our Port Charlotte community. 

Joyce Krasner

I have been involved with this vital charity since its inception, but it became more personal to me when both of my parents lost their own battles with cancer.  I recently was waiting to have my mammogram when a woman who was also waiting confessed that she hadn’t bothered to have one in more than four years even though she had health insurance. This encounter solidified for me how fortunate many of us are to have health insurance and how important our work with Project Detect is for those who do not.


Maureen Welling

I have been on the board of Project Detect for four years and have served on several committees.  My main focus has been on securing sponsors of local businesses in the Charlotte County area for donations. Their donations help us with our goal of helping less fortunate folks in our community obtain help for early cancer screening.


Lisa Gillespie

I joined Project Detect three years ago. I felt strongly about its cause and mission. Project Detect gives people hope.  Cancer is no stranger to my family. My mother, sister, and mother in law were all diagnosed with cancer. My sister has been cancer free for over twenty five years.  One of the key ingredients was early detection and proper screening.  The fund raised for Project Detect provides people with that care.


Cindy Covert

 I have been a resident in Riverwood since 2004. I have just completed my first year as a Board Member of Project Detect, serving in different capacities with our fundraising.   For years I have supported and participated in the various Project Detect events, but it wasn’t until my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and eventually died that Project Detect took on real meaning for me. 

My hope is that our efforts will help the uninsured and underinsured in Charlotte County receive the cancer screening and early detection that they need.